Our Story

Our story began in 1969 when Fred and Evelyn ("Fredlyn") Ioerger opened their first Nut Hut stores in Houston. After growing to five stores, they decided to begin doing their own roasting, and the Fredlyn Nut Company was created. Their daughter, Betty, has managed the business since 1983. Although we have one central location now, many people still remember us as the original Nut Hut! We still do things much the same way they were done back in the seventies, and with the addition of our website, we now ship to all fifty states. We recently replaced the original roasting equipment after 39 years. A little bigger, but the same process. Since our inception back in the seventies, so much has changed within the nut industry. California is now harvesting over a billion pounds a year of almonds, and so much has been learned about the nutritional value of nuts overall. We eat nuts all the time! We call it "Quality Control."